Kids Dancing

LACA’s theatre group was born from the initiative and desire of community individuals willing to work, learn and have lots of fun in an extremely supportive, dedicated and friendly group of amateur actors.

Our the very successful first theatre production was the pioneering “bilingual community theatre” experience, “El Conventillo de la Paloma” at Kulcha in 1999. The play, a traditional Argentinean “sainete” (comedy like style) was adapted by Omar Pumar Romay and Rina Sani, who were artists in residence in Perth during the rehearsals and the actual performances (6 shows with a full house in Kulcha).

It tells the story of the early migrants to Argentina, where many families had to share the one boarding house with all the relationships, love, hatred, conspiracy, jealousy,etc that were built under such circumstances. After that, the group continued attending a weekly workshops led by Miguel Cayazaya. This resulted in the preparation for sketch presentations at some of LACA’s events including the Latin Perspective art exhibition and also was a part of the annual Conference of the Ethnic Communities Council held in Fremantle and Laca’s own Latin Extravaganza functions.